448 infra projects witness cost overrun till Jan 2021: MoSPI

by Nidhi Bhati

The Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation (MoSPI) monitors infrastructure projects worth Rs.1.5 billion and above. Of the 1,739 such projects, 448 reported cost overrun of over Rs.4 trillion till January 2021. 539 projects reported time overrun. The MoSPI has attributed the time overrun to a host of issues including delay in land acquisition, forest or environment clearance, lack of infrastructure support and linkages, supply of equipment, fund constraints, geological surprises, change in scope, delay in tendering, shortage of labour, contractual issues, state-wise lockdown due to Covid-19, legal cases and law and order situation. Expenditure incurred on the 1,739 projects till January 2021 is around Rs.12.3 trillion, which is 46.9 per cent of the anticipated cost of the projects.

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