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Record level detailed income data for Indian households

Composition of Incomes

The Composition of Incomes database contains detailed information about the incomes of earning members residing in households in the Consumer Pyramids sample. It provides information regarding the monthly earning and source of earning for each earning member of each household in the database.

It provides an excellent view of the changing earning capacity and the sources of earnings of the households of India.

The database contains information on age and gender of the member, month of income, income in the form of wages, income from pensions, income in the form of dividends, income from fixed deposits/PPF/Insurance and interest income. Each source of income is shown separately against each member, wherever applicable. Besides, it contains the households income from rent, private transfers, government transfers, business profits, profit from sale of assets, income from lotteries or gambling and imputed income of production for self-consumption.

Income data of all earning members of households and the collective income of the households in the Consumer Pyramids sample is collected during each Wave of the Consumer Pyramids survey. Income is always collected for the four months that immediately preceded the month of the survey.

This is a longitudinal survey.

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