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Industry Outlook

Industry Outlook provides a well-balanced presentation of data, analysis and forecasts on a large number of industries.It presents the following kinds of information:

The service draws upon data available from government sources, industry and trade associations, commodity markets, firm-level databases and project-level information. It weaves these disparate sources into meaningful and well-organised presentations of the current and prospective trends in Indian industries.

  1. Demand & Supply: Capacity and production details sourced from associations and government, foreign trade from DGCIS and prices from diverse sources including CMIE-polled prices are presented here.
  2. Annual Financials:We present aggregate and company level financial performances including analytical ratios and cost structures.
  3. Market Share:This is an insightful compilation of shares of companies sales of products of an industry.
  4. Quarterly Financials:For listed companies.
  5. Stocks:We present valuation metrics of listed companies.
  6. CapEx: Trends in proposals to create new capacities, their completions, stalling, abandonments or revivals are provided along with their distribution by States and by Ownership.
  7. Annual Survey of Industries: Aggregate financial data based on a survey of factories by the Union government is presented.
  8. Forecasts:We provide forecasts on demand & supply indicators, financial performances and capex. Results of RBI’s Industry Outlook Survey are also available.
  9. Analysis:We present our short essays giving insights into what data and news tell us about the industries.
  10. Monthly Review: A review of each industry is published every month.

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