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Prowessdx India

Prowessdx is a delivery of the Prowess database that is specially designed for academia. It facilitates easy download of large amounts of data from the Prowess database.

Prowessdx India delivers data for over 50,000 companies. It provides a time-series of financial and markets data since 1990. The database does not suffer any deliberate survival bias.

The service facilitates storage of specification files used to download data, sharing of the specification files and replication of downloads. Prowessdx delivers the data as de-limited text files. The service envisages users processing the downloaded data in professional statistical packages or using their own software.

The database includes the following kinds of information:

  1. Basic identity and classification information
  2. Board of directors and ownership of equity
  3. Auditors, bankers, subsidiaries
  4. Related party transactions, bulk deals, insider trading
  5. Annual financial statements of standalone and consolidated statements including all financial ratios
  6. Interim financial statements and ratios
  7. Stock prices, dividend declarations, daily total returns, earnings ratios
  8. Business segments, products produced or traded, energy consumption
  9. Mergers and acquisitions

The database is standardized to enable inter-company and temporal comparability of the data.

The Prowessdx service is available only to educational institutions and not-for-profit research organisations.

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