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Prowess for Interactive Querying


Better than a Google search!

If you are looking for companies that meet a set of criteria based on their performance, then you need ProwessIQ, not a Google search. Not even Google Finance!

ProwessIQ is an interactive querying system that runs on the Prowess database. The Prowess database contains financial performance data of around 50,000 Indian companies. It contains data from 1989.

In ProwessIQ you can conduct a search to find all non-government companies with a market capitalisation of over Rs.1,000 million, a P/E ratio between 5 and 10, a dividend yield of over 2 per cent and a debt:equity ratio of less than 1. Prowess will find all companies that meet such a set of conditions and display their names with values of all the variables stated in the conditions. This is just an example, of course.

Articulating a query completely or unambiguously is often a challenge while searching for companies. The ProwessIQ user interface helps the user in articulating the requirements completely and unambiguously.

Reap the benefits of interactive querying with ProwessIQ.

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