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A detailed database of India's foreign trade & world trade data


Tradedx is a database service comprising detailed data on India’s foreign trade. It facilitates easy downloads of data in simple text format.

Tradedx ensures that the latest data gets updated quickly in the service. This will enable you to access the most recent data with minimum time lag after its official release.

Tradedx includes historical data on India’s foreign trade. India’s trade data based on PC and ITC classification is available for the past 26 and 27 years respectively. This long-time series is ideal for researchers who may like to subject the data to further analysis or in research studies.

DGCI&S revises its ITC classification every five years. PC classification also gets revised but not as regularly as ITC. We map the old classification to the new classification to create time-series data. Thus, a comparable time-series for ITC and PC going back as far as 1991 is available to you.

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