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Prowess Application for TRAnsfer Pricing TaXation with Automated Documentation


ProwessTraX deploys the Prowess database through a freely downloadable specially developed software, which provides the following flexiable step-by-step process to conduct studies for transfer pricing taxation in India.

  1. Ascertain economic activity of target company

  2. Find comparables using main product/service

  3. Find comparables based on products produced/traded

  4. Find comparables based on grouping of products

  5. Find comparables using product names as disclosed

  6. Find comparables using business segment information

  7. Filter comparables using annual financial statements

  8. Filter comparables using related party transactions

  9. Filter merged companies

  10. Filter companies based on ownership

  11. Add company by name

  12. Remove company by name

  13. Generate profit margins of target company and peers

Unique features of the Prowess database:

  1. Intelligent company classification

  2. Standardised financials for inter-company and inter-year comparability

  3. Transparency through trace-back-to-annual-report facility

  4. Detailed products / services classification

Three unique value propositions of ProwessTraX:

  1. Automatically generates complete documentation

  2. Facility to add companies into database

  3. Provides database Vintages which enables replication of studies in future.

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